As an international department store brand of fast fashion, MIEVIC adopts the Nordic design concept. Its exquisite and fresh store image creates a customer friendly, fashion, simple, quality and beautiful business atmosphere.
In 2020, things are connected with each other in the era of 5G. Based on its powerful resources, MIEVIC has created an “one-stop live output supply chain” to provide E-commerce platforms, media organizations and Internet celebr...
Strong development of MIEVIC's overseas markets
Accelerated brand globalization, increasing international influence
The MIEVIC brand chain has been deployed in dozens of countries around the world, and has established strategic partnerships with the United States, India, Canada, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Morocco, Malaysia, Kuwait, etc.
With the assistance from MIEVIC International Business Unit, Hong Kong In...
Strong development of MIEVIC's overseas markets
Preferential policies for joining MIEVIC
Solve difficult problems in operation to make you worry-free
Free store design, full set of drawings, free decoration guidance
Free training from the business school
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