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Company Profile

Since its establishment in 2014, MIEVIC has been home to more than 1,000 stores and has reached strategic cooperation with more than 300 cities in more than 30 countries all over the world. It has established strategic partnerships with Wanda Plaza, Injoy Plaza, Joy City, MIXC, Greenland Being Funny, Hong Kong New World Department Store, HOLLO CITY, New Mart, RT-Mart, Eurasia Group, Dashang Group, Trends Group and other business groups and nearly 500 high streets.

Jilin province Han Wan spring trade co., Ltd.

Core Advantages

A new retail model of online mall and offline store;
One-stop live output supply chain
300 to 500 products updated every week, meet the consumer philosophy of fast fashion

Life Philosophy

Low price but not low quality

Brand Spirit

Customer first, honesty

Product features

High quality, low price, hot, fast fashion, Nordic concept

Jilin province Han Wan spring trade co., Ltd.

Corporate culture

Mission: Make quality goods available at low prices to consumers worldwide

Vision: Become a world-class fast fashion department store brand

Tagline: Simple and fashion, collection of hot cakes

Talent philosophy: Knowledge as action, have both ability and integrity

Working style: Efficient and pragmatic, actions speak louder than words

Birth of the brand

With the integration and development of the world economy, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, so is the update rate of goods. Consumers focus on quality but don't have time to carefully select, which creates two phenomena: expensive things are always better, and buy one that costs about the same, but is of poor quality. MIEVIC was born in this consumer environment.
MIEVIC develops, manufactures and designs its own products, and has a warehousing base of 50,000 square meters in Zhejiang Province. High quality is always put on top priority from material selection to design. Store products are supplied directly from the terminal to control product costs. In this way, low price and high quality is truly realized.

Brand philosophy

The pace of life is getting faster and faster, so we want to find a place to slow down. Home is a warm place. If you carefully select items to put in your home, the happiness of your home and your own sense of belonging will be improved. This is the concept of fast fashion and slow life that MIEVIC wants to convey to you.
Nowadays, many products on the market only have trendy appearance but are not practical. They are flashy but sold at high prices. MIEVIC wants to get rid of anxiety and return to nature, providing consumers with a wide variety of life products with functional and exquisite products made from real materials.

Product purchase

MIEVIC is a brand that integrates product R & D, design and production. As its products are directly supplied from the terminal, so the profits of middlemen are reduced. MIEVIC draws its design inspiration from international department store fashion, and keeps up with the world trend. Its products are made from environmentally friendly materials to provide customers with safer, more fashionable and cheaper daily necessities

Product System

MIEVIC precisely grasps the market needs based on big data. As a fashion department store brand, it covers ten categories, including beauty, knitting accessories, recreation and sports, electrical appliances, kitchenware and sanitary ware, digital devices, home furnishings, luggage accessories, shoes, hats, clothing and socks, health care and physiotherapy, etc. MIEVIC is home to more than 10,000 types of products that cover all aspects of life.
Adhering to the Nordic "people-oriented" design concept, every product of MIEVIC is developed from the perspective of users, and great attention is paid to the functions, practicality and durability of products.

Product Price

Products are directly supplied from MIEVIC's terminal, and mainstream products range from 5 to 30 yuan. Thanks to the design and R & D of professional teams, 300 to 500 new products are put on the market every month. MIEVIC's products are updated quickly, and many hot products are cost-effective. You may like MIEVIC due to its exquisite package, but you will love it for its good quality, because its products are simple and practical, which is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Product Origin: Made in China

Store image

MIEVIC's store features a simple and stylish look with Nordic blue and white colors to present a relaxing and comfortable shopping environment.
VMD is sent by MIEVIC to create reasonable traffic flow and clear product partition in its stores.

Jilin province Han Wan spring trade co., Ltd.
Support System

In the era of big data, MIEVIC adopts advanced CRM and ERP for a precise insight into the current status of purchase and sales.

Mission of environmental protection

MIEVIC actively responds to the call for environmental protection, and pursues the protection of environment and common progress with the human civilization. It uses environmentally friendly materials in design and production, classifies waste materials into different categories, and does not ignore any factors that affect the environment and nature. MIEVIC continues to improve its technology to provide natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Jilin province Han Wan spring trade co., Ltd.

Mr. Liu Guo

The founder of MIEVIC

Mr. Liu Guo, founder of MIEVIC, started his career in gift retailing in 1990 from a stall, and made vigorous efforts to develop this stall into exclusive stores and large chain malls of gifts. Its single store operates in an area of more than 5,000 square meters. Wenxin Gift Group was formally established in 1992, which has been widely involved in many fields, such as finance, processing, minerals, seafood, entertainment, wholesale and retail of gifts and general merchandise, etc.

Mr. Liu Guo has an innate sensitivity to the small-commodity retail industry, understands the needs of consumers deeply and is very good at predicting trends and integrating commodities. Therefore, he established Hanwan Spring Trading Co., Ltd. in 2014 and created "MIEIVC", a department store of fast fashion. The brand quickly blossomed in Chinese and overseas markets.

Chairman Liu Guo and its enterprise have been practicing the creed of "execution and perseverance".

Road to the world

The MIEVIC brand chain has been deployed in dozens of countries around the world, and has established strategic partnerships with the United States, India, Canada, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Morocco, Malaysia, Kuwait, etc.

With the assistance from MIEVIC International Business Unit, Hong Kong International Franchise Center and overseas branches in Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, etc., international business in more than 30 countries, including Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Dubai, Czech, etc. is under development.

Jilin province Han Wan spring trade co., Ltd.

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    • 2014

      Established in 2014

    • In August 2018

      Participated in the 112th China Daily-Use Articles Trade Fair in August 2018

    • In October 2018

      Participated in the 26th China (Shenzhen) International Gift and Home Products Fair in October 2018 and signed the most orders;

    • In June 2020

      Set up live broadcast bases in Hangzhou and Dongyang in June 2020 to formally begin its one-stop live supply chain model;

    • In June 2020

      MIEVIC participated in the 28th International Gift Fair with its "one-stop live output supply chain" in June 2020;

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