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May. 18, 2021

How to Keep a Safe Distance From Mosquitoes In Summer?


As a Mievic Store, share it with everyone.

Keep a safe distance from mosquitoes!

What makes you feel that summer is here?

Is it the less clothes you cross?

The weather is getting hotter?

It's a mosquito!

Buzzing in my ears every night

Take a bite before you are ready,

Still left an itchy bag!

Anti-mosquito campaign in summer is the first!

Mievic Store

Children's anti-mosquito essential oil bracelet, plant extracts, does not contain chemical ingredients such as mosquito repellent amine spermine, long-term mosquito repellent. Personalized three-dimensional pattern design, cute and cute, children are willing to bring it. Water-proof and sweat-proof strap, not afraid of rain washing, children are not restricted to play with water. A variety of colors, choose one to protect your children for a summer.

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